Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting - Jan 15th



To all PLE HOA members (by definition – Homeowners), the annual PLE HOA meeting will be held
at 7PM, Wednesday, January 15th, 2020
at Fire Station 83 located at 3425 Issaquah-Pine Lake Rd SE, Sammamish WA 98075.

The agenda will consist of the following:

1. Introduction of members attending & quorum determination

2. Proof of Notice of meeting 

3. Reading of minutes of preceding meeting 

4. President’s report

5. Treasurer’s presentation of the 2019 financial review/2020 proposed budget

6. Landscape report

7. Vote on the following:

  • Approval of 2019 Annual Meeting’s minutes (previously read)
  • 2020 Budget (proposed budget shown below). Vote to increase dues from 360.00 to 370.00 per year. This is a 2.8% increase to keep up with inflation, rising costs of services and to increase the maintenance reserve.  

8. Any old business

9. New business

All members are encouraged to attend but, if unavailable for any reason, please send the enclosed proxy to me or an authorized substitute who will be present at the meeting to act as your proxy. Any member may represent another at the meeting. There is only one vote per household.

Michelle McGregor
President, PLEHOA


Notice & Proxy Form

 A notice of the 2020 PLE HOA annual meeting, including a proxy form, has been mailed to homeowners.   If you need a new copy of the proxy, you can download the following PDF.  Please follow the instructions in the proxy form and return it to the HOA board.