Landscape Committee


The Landscape Committee is responsible for administering those parts of the CC&Rs that are related to the landscape of the individual homeowners.  Please go to the CC&Rs section of the Documents page for more information. In addition, the Landscape Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the common areas highlighted in green on  the map below. 

212th Sidewalks & Front Entry

The front entry way is comprised of the land between the fence line and the sidewalk running along 212th Avenue SE from corner of SE 35th Street up to where the sidewalk and fence ends along the north fence line. The front entry also includes the center aisle on SE 34th Street and the Pine Lake Estates monuments.  These areas are irrigated and illuminated with landscape lighting. 


North of the 3rd clu-de-sac is a protected, wetland area set aside for habitat. This area is owned by the PLE HOA.  

Third Cul-de-Sac common area

The third cul-de-sac common area is designated as the land north of the fence line of lots D1-20, 21 & 23 and south of the curb of SE 33rd Place.

Back Entrance Area 

The rear exit area is comprised of the 10 foot hedge on the north side of the road that runs along SE 34th Street and masks the chain link fence line along the City of Sammamish tract near lot D1-19.


If you have comments or concerns about our common areas, please contact one of the board members.

Social Committee


The Social committee is responsible for the planning and execution of association social events.

Facebook Group

A Facebook group for neighbors of Pine Lake Estates to share and communicate has been created. The site is a closed group and one must be invited to see the information.

So here is the invitation to all residents of Pine Lake estates to join. Click on this link and request to join

Neighborhood Picnic

In past years, Pine Lake Estates Homeowners Association organized a neighborhood picnic at Ebright Park. This usually takes place in early September, just after Labor Day.  These are a great time to meet and engage with the other homeowners in a very friendly setting. The association is currently looking for a volunteer to organize the annual picnic.

Social Connections and Neighborhood Get-togethers

Over the years neighbors have opened their homes to neighborhood get-togethers and parties.  These have been a lot of fun and an excellent way to get to know your neighbors and introduce yourselves.  

Anyone wishing to have a get-together is encouraged.  And while the board does not provide resources for the party, we will be glad to broadcast the invitation. If you are interested in hosting a party or any other social event for the neighbors, please contact one of the board members.


Welcoming Committee

The association is looking for a volunteer to chair the welcoming committee.

If you have comments, suggestions or would like to volunteer for the social committee, please contact one of the board members.

Architectural Committee


The Association's CC&Rs control the governance of all architectural changes by the homeowners.  In addition, there are other guidelines related to structures, and other external amenities.​

Guidelines for

  • Sheds and Structures
  • Basketball Hoops
  • Exterior Paint
  • Roofing

are available in the Architectural Guidelines section of the Documents page. ​

Current ACC Members are: Lon Wiese, Nisheed Rama & Fred Caponigro.  

Pine Lake Estates Architectural Control Committee Review Process

The Pine Lake Estates Architectural Control Committee (ACC) meets on a regular basis to review requests from homeowners. The ACC typically meets in the week prior to the Board's meeting.​Homeowners are asked to submit a letter of request which fully describes the project and includes any attachments needed to convey the details of the project:

  • paint samples for base, trim and accent colors
  • sketches/diagrams with measurements
  • materials of construction
  • illustrations or photographs

Requests may be mailed to the ACC. The address is:

       Pine Lake Estates Home Owners Association

       Attention: ACC

       3020 Issaquah Pine Lake Road #565

       Sammamish, WA 98075

​or you may email the request to one of the board members. Please be sure to date your request and include your name, address, and evening telephone number in the event further information or clarification is needed.​

The typical action and response path is as follows:​

  1. Requests by mail are received by the Pine Lake Estates Board. The Board will note the receipt date, and forward the review request to the ACC Chair.
  2. Email requests sent to board members . All ACC members will keep a copy for their files. ACC members will print one copy for discussion at meetings and for the ACC files. NOTE: Email requests must include all information required for the specific project.
  3. The ACC will meet to discuss all items received since the last meeting. In the case of email requests which include all necessary information or electronic attachments, the ACC may hold a virtual meeting to expedite decisions.